Conserve, develop, support and sustain. In essence, Kisampa is about people, with a total of 5 villages and several hundred people being involved in, and benefiting from the sanctuary. Not only do we pay a concession fee for every bed filled, but just as importantly, we buy our supplies and employ our staff from the area.; we are a channel for fundraising to help local schools and medical facilities. Through funds raised at Kisampa for example, we have just finished building the area’s first secondary school now with over 200 students. Thirty secondary school students have full scholarships thanks to the generosity of our guests and we have helped local people develop businesses that enhance Kisampa and help guarantee their children’s future.

Why not get involved yourself? You may like to give a little of your time, experience, energy or resources. Whilst you enjoy this untouched wilderness you can take pleasure that your presence is directly assisting the communities through direct employment, business opportunities and levies that Sanctuary Tanzania pays to the village, in order to assist with their social projects which include :

  • Obtaining safe water supply for the village
  • Health initiatives
  • Fundraising for and the continued building of a Secondary School in our local village
  • Sponsoring of underprivileged children through their entire education
  • Development of a village library, office and resource centre
  • The support of micro businesses such as hive building, beekeeping fish farming, and biodiesel production