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Luca Pozzi at Kisampa to study the bushbabies...

Luca Pozzi is a PhD student in Physical Anthropology at NYU. He graduated in Biology from University of Torino (Italy) and finished a Master in Animal Biodiversity and Conservation (curriculum Evolutionary Biology) in 2006. He is most interested in evolutionary biology, molecular phylogenetics and evolution, biogeography and primate behavior, especially in Strepsirrhines. During his master thesis he worked in the reconstruction of lemur phylogeny using a multidisciplinary approach (molecular and bioacoustic) and he developed a computational system to recognize vocal signals using Artificial Neural Networks.

His dissertation work will be focused on exploring mechanisms of speciation in nocturnal cryptic primates, such as bushbabies. His research involves an integration of morphological, bioacoustic, and genetic data to test species boundaries within this cryptic complex and to estimate the amount of ongoing gene flow between recently diverged species. The main goal of this project is to contribute to a better understanding of mechanisms of speciation and isolation between cryptic species and to better clarify the systematics and phylogeny of these poorly known primates. In a broader perspective, his work will provide new information about the biodiversity within these primates, with obvious consequences for conservation.

Luca came to Kisampa this June to trap and perform a varitry of tests on the bush babies which live there.  With great pleasure we helped him as much as possible to ensure that his time with us was fruitful. For more info on Luca .