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Developing World Connections

Developing World Connections is a British Columbia registered society, Canadian Charitable Organization and a volunteer grassroots movement. The goal of Developing World Connections is to create mutually beneficial relationships with communities and with development partners. Developing World Connections international volunteer experiences and projects benefit all; the volunteer enjoys a meaningful and satisfying experience; the project beneficiaries gain an increased understanding of the visitors’ culture and directly benefit from the projects; the host country enjoys the significant contributions made to its local economies; Developing World Connections is rewarded by being able to continue providing these valuable experiences and world connections.

One of their host partners is our charity Tuende Pamoja. The focus is on education for the area of three villages, Matipwilli, Gongo and Kiwangwa and over a short period of time have assisted with building and renovating primary and secondary school classrooms, built homes to attract and retain school staff.  A village office and library with 500 books has been constructed. Community members’ needs for minor medical attention, equipment and supplies has been provided. Tuende Pamoja Charity has also provided mosquito nets and solar reading/study lamps for over 75 orphaned children.

We have recently had a group of 14 from Developing World Connections staying here at Kisampa while going to the village each day to help build a house for the village Medical Officer. The group contributed about USD 400 each to the costs while Tuende Pamoja has funded the rest. Before the group arrived Richard and some of the villagers measured up the site, did calculations, drew up plans and purchased the necessary building requirements. Some of the villagers with a knowledge of building volunteered to start the project.

By the time the Canadians arrived the foundations were complete and some of the building blocks were manufactured and ready.The group, led by Rick Kurzac, arrived and started work with tremendous enthusiasm and energy.  They set out from Kisampa each day at 7:30 am and laboured all day in the hot sun returning exhausted and dirty but having had a really good day.  The community embraced them whole heartedly and really enjoyed the company of these people from far away who had given their time, energy and resources to help the village.  At the end of the fortnight the walls are up, the floor is done, the roof is on, the door frames are set...there are only the finishing touches to make and there will be a very lovely new house ready for the lucky Clinical Officer.

What a wonderful legacy. They have left behind not only a new house, but a large number of friends of all ages and a mountain of goodwill.

Jeanann Barbour´╗┐, AfrikaAfrika partner

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People should support this kind of program. It helps spreading goodness in humanity.

November 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterschool architects

World connections is one way to have a good relationship connecting and building a more happy community that understands,unites and helping each other to the extent world wide.

January 4, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing
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